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Health Benefits Of Papaya and Its Juice Recipe

Health Benefits of Papaya Juice and Its Recipe

The Fruit of Angels is the popular name given to papaya. It has a great medicinal importance and benefit as well. It has a high nutritional benefit with high vitamin and anti oxidant content. Here let us learn about the making of papaya juice and also the health benefits of it.

Nutritional value:  

10gms of papaya contains:
  • 4.1% of vitamin A
  • 7.4% of vitamin C
  • 0.014 gms of fat
  • 1.0% of vitamin B9and
  • 0.18 gms of fibre
  • 3.9 kcal of energy

Ingredients to make papaya juice:

Papaya (preferably ripe) – 250 gm (sliced) , Lemon juice – 1 1/2 tablespoon , Orange juice – 1/2 cup,  Honey – 1/2 tablespoon.
Method of preparation:
Papaya is mixed with orange juice along with lemon juice and honey and a small quantity of water is added and is grinded well to get a smooth texture and then pour it into a jar and then serve it after refrigeration.

Benefits of papaya juice:

·         The high fiber content and the lycopene present in papaya helps in the prevention and cure of colon cancer.

·         The fiber present reduces constipation to a great extent.

·         Heart stroke and high blood pressure is also avoided by this.
·         By drinking raw papaya juice mixed with a certain amount of honey reduces tonsils too.

·         Immune system of a body is boosted by the presence of certain vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C.

·         It helps in the generation of anti bodies which helps to fight against diseases and to increase the resistance power of the body.

·         It also helps in the indigestion treatment and also helps to treat gastric and gastric related problems.

·         Girls with irregular menstruation are suggested to take this to produce proper hormones and to cure the irregularity.

These are some of the benefits related to papaya juice. Hence it is suggestible to consume papaya juice in a medical point of view.

Here is some Unique Benefits for Children: 

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