Sunday, 9 March 2014

Benefits Of Neem Oil For Hair -A Natural Conditioner


Firstly, neem which is scientifically known as Azadirachtaindica is grown mainly in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malasia and Pakistan. Neem is a plant which is of a great medical importance to humans and also in the advanced medical field. It is known for its medical importance from times immemorial. 

Neemoil  is an oil which is prepared by crushing fruits and seeds of neem plant. It has a very bitter taste which is the contribution of triglycerides and many triterpenoid compounds. Neem has azadirachtin also which plays an important role in hair care.

The benefits of neem oil on hair care is as below :

§  Neem oil helps to cure dry and itchy scalp problems by the vitamins present in it.
§  The most important is, it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that helps in dandruff relieving problems which is the most affecting to people.
§  Scalp psoriasis can be prevented by the usage of neem oil.
§  It helps to get a smooth, shiny and silky hair.

§  Neem oil provides the required nutrient content to the hair and helps in the better and strong growth of hair.
§  Neem oil helps in the immediate improvement and result for people with dry hair.
§  Loss of hair can be effectively prevented by regular usage of neem oil.
§  Loss of natural color of hair can be avoided by this. Though it does not prevent the greying of hairs due to age related change.

§  It is an excellent hair conditioner.
Neem oil is the most effective hair care product which cannot be substituted by any other product. People have been using it from ages and will be using it always. The effects and results of it is almost known to everyone and this is the only way to keep your hairs in good condition and that too without any side effects.

Warnings before using :Neem oil has a very strong odour which may not be acceptable by everyone. Neem oil is only for external usage and should not be used for cooking and other purposes. It should totally be avoided from children as a small amount of neem oil into the eyes may lead to severe burning sensation and uneasiness.

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