Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pregnancy and carrot Juice - Health Benefits


I am pretty sure about everyone knowing about carrot and its benefits and hence I will not go to the background and details of carrot in my present article. Firstly let’s just look upon how to make carrot juice and then let us elaborate on its benefits to pregnant women!!

Recipe for making of carrot juice: 

The ingredients required are nothing but few good organic carrot and sugar if you are not accustomed to taking juice sugarless.
Firstly, just wash the carrots thoroughly to remove dirt and then peel off the skin of it and remove the leafy part at the top. Then cut it and juice it in a juicer along with small amount of water and sugar. Add ginger and lemon for extra taste and enjoy the juice which is ready to serve.

Benefits of carrot for pregnancy:

·         The beta carotene present provides good vision to pregnant women.
·         It also helps in better development of vision in fetus.

·         Comparatively juice is easily digested than the solid carrot.
·         The vitamin A present help pregnant women by promoting tissue growth in developing foetus.
·         Carrot juice is also a factory of vitamin C which helps in the growth of skin collagen and also bones in the foetus.

·         It is also an anti-oxidant and by removing the free radicals in the body, it reduces the risk of cancer in women who are prone to cancer symptoms.
·         The potassium content in carrot juice helps in the enhancement of proper heart beat and helps in optimum pumping of blood to the brain.

·         Reduction of potassium will increase cholesterol content and promotes muscle cramps and other related issues, hence by carrot juice these are avoided along with acne as it has potassium in it as mentioned before.
·         It helps in maintain the blood pressure level too by maintain potassium content.
·         It avoids constipation in pregnant women.

·         To have a natural delivery, it is very essential for a woman not to be too fat and hence by carrot juice, cholesterol is reduced and thus subsequently the weight is reduced which influences pregnancy and delivery largely.
These are the few benefits of carrot juice in pregnant women!!!
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