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Know The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd
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Bitter gourd which is scientifically known as Momordicacharantiais a vine which is a tropical plant. It has many other names like karavella, goya, bitter melon, bitter squash etc.
 As the name suggests, bitter gourd is bitter in its taste. It is used as a vegetable in Asia and also for many other medicinal purpose which is of great importance.

Nutrinitional Benefits of Bitter Gourd :

·         It acts as a source of vitamin for vitamins like B1, B2, B3, C, folate,magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and also contains a high content of dietary fiber.
·         It is also rich in Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Beta-Carotene.
·         It has a constituent called polypeptide P which acts as an insulin replacement in some diabetic patients.
·         Similarly there are many more nutritional benefits from the above vegetable or plant.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd :

     1)      Asthma, cold and other respiratory problems are easily cured by drinking bitter melon juice with a cup of honey mixed with water.
     2)      Daily consumption of bitter juice is said to reduce fungal infections like ring worm, athletes feet etc.
     3)      The juice of bitter gourd also increases anti-bodies in body and helps to build the immune system of the body and resists the body against diseases.
     4)      The juice helps in the cleansing action of the liver by removing the harmful toxins from the blood and thus improves the health of the body.

     5)      By drinking the juice every morning, the condition of piles is also improved.
     6)      It also treats for the hangover from alcoholic consumption.
     7)     The beta-catotene present helps in the improvement of eye and wards off eye problems.
     8)      The early stages of cholera can easily be avoided from propagating by dring the juice daily which improves the condition of the human body.
    9)      The various blood disorders and itching and blood boils can be reduced by the consumption of the juice daily.
   10)    It helps to overcome diabetes by reducing the toxic content in the blood and by controlling the sugar content in the human body.

Warning :Consumption of more than 2 bitter gourd and more than 2 spoons of juice a day should be strictly avoided as it may cause diarrhoea and mild abdominal pain. Diabetic patients taking hypoglycemic drugs will have to consult doctor to decide the dosage of juice to be taken.
Too much bitter gourd juice to pregnant women may stimulate the uterus which results in preterm labour. 

Important Note:Consult Your Doctor Before you Test this

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